Be sure to take our survey before you sign up:

I’m an Individual

Step 1: Take our survey.

Step 2:  Find an existing DriveHealthy organization or propose your own to compete. You can find existing organizations on our Leaderboard (or within the DriveHealthy Driver Portal Registration page). So if you belong to a civic organization like Rotary, you would pick civic organization and then your organization name might be “RotarySalem”. Or you might be the night shift at a hospital so pick Hospital as a type then “NightShiftLegacy” as your particular organization name. However, if this is part of a corporate fleet management or employee wellness plan, you’ll want to explore the Lifesaver Fleet option.

Step 3:  Create DriveHealthy Driver Portal account and invite drivers OR just install the LifeSaver app!

  • For families click here to create your DriveHealthy Driver Portal account (powered by LifeSaver) and associate your family with your organization (or just select the Oregon Resident to compete individually). If you already have an account, click here to login. Next you can invite family members including yourself to install the app. The Driver Portal is a good option for parents wanting to see individual family member scores or utilize other peace of mind features.
  •  For individuals you can also just install the LifeSaver app from Google Play or the Apple iTunes App Store (click here to install) without needing to creating a driver portal first. Once you install and configure the app, just click on the in-app dashboard icon and follow the instructions to associate yourself with an organization. Note this option works only if your cell phone number includes an Oregon area code.

Step 4: Drive safely and view your DriveHealthy score in the app (only when you’re not driving!). DriveHealthy will present your organization’s overall monthly score, but trust that your personal information and scores will remain totally private.


I’m an Organization

Want to go head-to-head with another group to see which group can drive safer? This is the place to do it.  Register your organization here by providing a group name, description and contact info.

  • You can get pretty specific. Let’s say North and South Salem High Schools want to compete? Representatives from each school would decide “let’s do it!” and then go to our form below and request a new organizational type: “Salem High Schools”. Once approved anyone from Salem high schools can compete to see who has the safest drivers.

What’s a valid organization?  Organizations can come in all shapes and sizes: a group from a school, community group, religious group, neighborhood or an entire town.  The only thing an organization cannot be is a commercial business looking for a solution to enforce its cell phone driving policy.  Note that it’s fine if you’re creating a group competition with co-workers from your company, since your participation in DriveHealthy is in the context of your co-worker group and not as part of your company.  For businesses looking for an in-house fleet or employee wellness solution, please visit the Lifesaver Fleet Page.

How do drivers become part of my organization?   

Once your organization is approved, please visit the recruit page to see how you can encourage your members to register on the DriveHealthy Driver Portal as part of your organization.  Once a member becomes part of your organization, each member in turn can use the Driver Portal to invite up to 5 drivers to compete as part of your organization.  The driving scores from all members and drivers in your organization are used to calculate a running monthly score for your organization, which is how you go head to head with other organizations in your category.  Game on!


I’m a Business

Fleets can join in too. LifeSaver has a fleet option (at additional cost). Click to find out more from Lifesaver.